Poem Standing here

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Standing here like a Flower

Wilting in the Sun

Never noticed by anyone

Screaming your name

Always in vain

I need to succumb

Cries not heard

Were never done

The world spins

Full of fear

I lay within

Reaching out

No sense of touch

The need for validation

Is asking too much

My metallic skin

Begins to rust

Your lack of words

Throw dirt on me

Try to crawl

From my skin

But Iโ€™m falling too deep

Always awake

Even when I sleep

Looking out my windows

As the world goes by

Never a sense of inclusion

Feeling myself die

Someone looks over

But only a glance

I hold on to the warmth

My only chance

Shivering from a chill

Freezing from the pain

The extent of the loneliness

I canโ€™t explain

Someoneโ€™s light

I must caress

Guilt from sins

I must confess

82 responses to “Poem Standing here

  1. Hey Swan! You probably never knew this about me, but I’m a big fan of poetry and always have been. I’ve read all the poems you have posted so far on here and I’m super impressed! Love them all, but this one speaks to me bro! Awesome! You’ve got a way with the poetry word! I always knew you were a talented guy! Glad to see that you started this poetry blog and you’re giving us a glimpse into one of your talents. I’ve written a bit of poetry myself on and off throughout the years, after reading your poetry it’s inspired me to pick up the poetry pen once again. Thank you for that! You the man! Great work! I’ll be following your blog and looking forward to your next piece of artwork!


    • Wow thanks Brad. I really appreciate it. Your right I did not know you were a fan. I can’t believe we never stumbled into that in conversation. I am really glad to hear you will start writing again. It is good for the soul. Thanks again

  2. This is amazing. You are really talented, Swan! I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Like Brad, I feel like this poem speaks to me. I really feel like most people can find a way to relate to this. Awesome!

    • Thanks for taking the time to check my blog out. I will keep posting. I did not want to start it with everything at once. And of course I will keep creating new stuff. This is just the start. If you know anyone who might enjoy please send them over ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again Stef!

  3. This piece’s tempo was marvelously orchestrated! I stood there in it, absent of my world as I read your words. I very much enjoyed this piece! ~ Rose

  4. lovely work Swan and the rhythm and flow is amazing.
    “and the world goes by” would be better i feel.
    I can identify with the core feelings here–of standing at the edges and looking in , being an outsider.

  5. Every word that you have written over here describes loneliness the best and effectively..Been on your blog for the first time and i am glad i landed here..someone once said that my blog casts a spell on them that time i didn’t understand it fully but now i do as i experience the same on your blog..it is magnificent and i love the title of it like anything!


    • wow that is so nice of you to say. It means a lot to hear this. I will check out your blog as soon as I can. Please do read others I have posted and Subscribe. Saying thanks does not seem adequate for your comment. But I do thank you for it and the encouragement and motivation it gives.

  6. “Your lack of words throws dirt on me” wow, that’s a classic line. Perfect. It’s like being desperately lonely and the phone is silently and your computer happily exclaims “No New Mail!” ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This piece really resonates.

  7. certainly no casual read. very provocative and deep. It hurt my heart a little. I felt the loneliness and this sort of betrayal that happens when we feel lost, unnoticed, different… and still needing care, kindness and love.
    well done. I will return to read more.

  8. Thanks for your feedback on my rally entry. I was struck by how your opening turned the traditional spring poem on its head. Painful, yes, but sparks of hope in it with “I hold on to the warmth / My only chance” and “Someoneโ€™s light.” Thanks for sharing!

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