Poem- A blank Page

A blank page

Lays before me

Ready to be conforming

To my every thought

Whimsical idea or story

Getting lost between

The lines

Ideas running rampant

Can’t control the flow

My mind turns on and off

Like a faucet

Except I don’t turn the knob

Lack of control

Can be frustrating

And freeing all at the same time

Flowing over the paper

Like water over a rock

Writing quickly and sloppy

I try to catch each drop


9 responses to “Poem- A blank Page

  1. This poem could not be any more timely. You give form to a feeling I have when I am trying to write for work..and for everything else I need to write for this Summer. You have given voice to the struggle to connect thoughts and to externalize one’s soul in a bittersweet and painfully beautiful manner. But then I could say that about all of the poems of yours I have read so far. Thank you for your courage.

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