Poem- I wrote this today

I sit down

trying to find

the words I want to say

inside my head

slow music played

it played

as I wrote this today

never know what

might come out

from my finger tips

it flows as if

from a spout

feelings and emotions

rise to the top

even if I wanted to

this I could never stop

without this purge

I would begin to rot

so here I sit

tapping on this board

hoping the pictures I sketch

are too strong to be ignored

it’s not a game

that has to be won

as no one is keeping score


11 responses to “Poem- I wrote this today

  1. I wrote something today too that had to be purged. This is necessary but also meaningful – I like the last line too. It so feels like someone is keeping score sometimes, but we just need to let it out regardless. I’m glad I saw this on Twitter. Love.

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