Poem- Lies

Lies rise like vapor

From their mouths

Almost transparent

Leaving barely a trace

To signify they exist

Their confidence grows

With everyone they cross

Who is blinded by their disguise

The deception grows easier

And becomes ever more common

This is the curse

Eventually unable to stop

As the deception turns on the deceiver

And becomes their own truth

Wrapped in a shroud

They are unaware of

Woven by their own hand

When they were focused on others

And what they thought of them

If the day were to come

In which they were to discover

What they had done

Escape would become

The unattainable desired


17 responses to “Poem- Lies

  1. I’d like to comment on just about every poem here – almost every one strikes a chord, but this one in particular drew me in. The image of lies as vapour, a toxic miasma, is perfect.

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