Poem- The loss of you

I almost died

The day that you ignored me

Feeling numb inside

Your lack of attention

Just floored me

Now how can I

Get past this

Continue and survive

The loss of you

Continues to make it

So hard to get through

The day

The day feels like

Feels like nothing personified

When I asked

If you loved me

Why did you lie

Trying to climb out

Of the hole

That I now find myself in

Watching the sunrise

As another lonely journey begins


31 responses to “Poem- The loss of you

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  2. Loneliness either gives out the best in you or worst..and you portray the best in here..
    Every time you wish you should know that,may be this wish doesn’t come true but something more beautiful must be waiting for you in the future.

    And it was my pleasure reading your work so please don’t thank me for that and as stated earlier glad to be here 🙂

    And thanks for the appreciation out there and i suppose we would connect well on the grounds of sadness 🙂 ..


    P.S.-I really am not familiar with wordpress much so would like to know how to be updated about your new poems.

  3. I can empathise this … Thank you for sharing!
    By the way: Your background image is amazing. It looks like the tree is holding the sky : )

  4. ps. Is your name also Iron Horse, Author of The Voyage of Kings ? If so contact me. I’m an old friend of yours & have bought your book. DT

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