Poem- One way Street

Never has there been

A path that beckoned me

To the extent I couldn’t refuse

Always leaning but never

Could decide what to do

Watching others as they pass

On their way to happiness

Being left behind and abandoned

By no one and everyone at the same time

On a one way street

Peering into alleys if only a glimpse

Looking for another way

But paralyzed by decisions

On this street I stay

Seeing myself as if from the outside

A sense of pity comes over me

Wanting to help this poor lost soul

Strange emotions to have watching one self

Bodies moving by are almost a blur

As I walk in a repeated freeze frame

Does anyone notice as they speed past

And feel my pain

Compelled to continue forward

Never will I sleep

Desire to see my future

If only a peek

There have never been any rewards

From this search

That I reap


29 responses to “Poem- One way Street

  1. This is really powerful. It makes me want to help you move down that street to what is beyond. Thank you for visiting my post today.

  2. Congrats on your Award.. Sometimes when we let ourselves be vulnerable and open ourselves up to possible failure/hurt/pain.. we find just the opposite on the other side and “grow” if but just a little bit in that moment.. Awesome write..

  3. Thanks Jennirey. I appreciate the comment and I agree it has many benefits. Please feel free to read more stuff or check back. Thanks again and have a good one.

    • Thanks Magi. Yes it is but I really just write as it comes. I don’t plan it out it just flows. While I have a style that comes out most of time. Sometimes it is different like this one and some are even more so. thank you

  4. Very deep emotions run through your poems. Very well written and I think we can all relate to the dark emotions that you convey with words at sometime in our life. Remarkable!

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