I walk by you

You don’t understand

What you see

Trying to label

To imprison me

These chains I shake off

With ease

The limits of you

Have no effect

Your eyes remain fixed

Your mind perplexed

My identity is secure

My strength is flexed

Your perceived limits

Are wrong

I stand correct

Pushing those limits

In every aspect 

The bars that

Hold you

I bend and brake

Never to be trapped

For societies sake

You live your life

Sub servant to

Everything that

Fits the norm

You’re a witness

To my spirit and

Strong Will

Combining together

For a perfect storm

To the restraints

And will of others

I will never conform

44 responses to “Poem-Flexed

  1. Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the comments. And Miki thanks for adding me to your blogroll! That’s awesome.Being pretty new on here I haven’t figured that out for my site yet. lol

  2. awesome! your words are strong and flexed as well!

    enjoyed this piece!

    thank you for your visit and comment
    take care!

    p.s. i love your blog design!

  3. And I feel in the mood for this one :)Especially ‘And will of others
    I will never conform’. Powerful and succinct. Thanks for sharing.
    Btw., adore your blog’s style.

  4. Loved the write and the message. There is far too much emphasis by those who think they know what’s best for all to be just plastic replicas. Individuality is important, and even more the so to revel in your own uniqueness than try to hide it away….

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