Poem- Pages

The pages of my life

They lie before me

Being written all the time

As the sand slowly falls

I try to turn ahead

Blank pages is all that I find

My future beckons

My past softly calls

Walking forward

But forever leaning back

God I pray

I choose the right track

Decisions to be made                                       

Sense of direction

What I crave

Cutting off chains

Not to be enslaved

Each misstep

Lands on it’s own plane

Journey to evolve

Perfection never obtained

Never have I been

So content to wait

To see what’s ahead

Impatience dangled before me

I no longer take the bait


36 responses to “Poem- Pages

  1. Reminded me of Rumi: ‘There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
    There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
    You feel it, don’t you?’. Thanks for this verse and best wishes to you.

  2. This is lovely. You have reached a special place in life. We cannot let go of the past, but I love how you suggest leaning back while walking forward. Nice.

  3. Your words echoed what I wrote sometime back.. actually a couple of those writes..

    One was about how past always affecting me and not wanted to de-rooted again either! The other one was about transition n my restlessness to see what’s in store in the near future!

    You have an excellent piece sharing a disturbed n yet resolute mind.
    Sending you warm wishes so you see a bright light ahead n always..

    many Hugs xox

    • Thank you Olivia. I think many of us go through the same things in life. I think that is what makes expressing them so important. It lets others know they are not alone. And don’t worry I lean toward these parts of life in my writings but I am fine. I have always been fascinated with the harder and sadder parts of life. But there is a yin and yang to everything including me 🙂

    • @ Stacy, wow, checked out your block and found it rich and humming with goodies!
      I agree with your comments on the poem – I see faith, self confidence and personal growth interacting creatively and productively as the poem unfolds!

  4. wow! superb! the somewhat bleak beginning with its images of blankness surrenders to an unfolding confidence, to a reaffirmation of faith and to a commitment to choose wisely and forge ahead. The past is recognised but its potential to hold back are broken and rejected. “

  5. I can totally relate to this poem at the moment. I am learning to be more patient myself and trying to enjoy the wait and take it as relaxation. Wonderful poem!

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