Poem-Walking on Hollow Ground


Wade into the River

That is my soul

Start to cross

No wrong Turns

But still I am lost

Coming out the other side

Not even my feet

Are wet

I may be the driest person

I’ve ever met

Over and over

I make this trip

But it is always

The same

Not even a drip

Over my Head

About to Drown

But forever dry

Walking on hollow ground


27 responses to “Poem-Walking on Hollow Ground

  1. Thanks guys for all the great comments 🙂 @geezergirl I have a lot of joy in my life. But I enjoy writing about the harder things in life. It is what really strikes me when I am the reader. I have always been drawn to it. Maybe that is why it comes out when I write. But just so everyone is clear on this. I am happy more then sad 🙂 I will leave most of that writing to people who are better at it. I will be the yin to their yang.

  2. Whoa!! That was powerful .. and so relatable!
    I suppose it takes many such trips and journeys to fully “get” ourselves.. doesn’t it? But then again, will we ever know? (sigh)

    You have expressed this wonderfully here!!

  3. I like this and it is different and I too at times feels as if I am walking on hollow grounds. I so agree with you saying to read everything out loud as that is what I do also. Great piece of work friend

  4. To drown , go deep and swim no more
    To feel the stillness , stark and pure
    To sleep , surrender in eternal rest
    Aware or not..every Man’s quest…isn’t it? Meanwhile , we can’t even get our feet wet. Lovely poem. 🙂

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