Poem-True to myself

(Posted to try to explain that while a lot of my posts are unhappy I am not.)

I want to be something

I have never been

True to myself

Not what I am forced to be

An Epic battle

That I must winΒ 

No one else can see

The scars that are left

As they show only slightly

On my face

Between the many expressions

From another day

They leave only a trace

Not powerful enough

To outweigh my many joys

And darken the bright colors

Of the foreground figures

In the picture of my life

But strong enough to leave

A grayish hue on the background

Its importance cannot be overlooked

As this is where some of the pieces

That creates the whole of me

Can be found


60 responses to “Poem-True to myself

  1. A deep and moving piece… love the raw honesty and how it shows the grey hues sprinkling flavor across the joys of every day. It is the grey hues that bring such deep meaning to the sunshine.

  2. That’s a nice gesture. It often happens that we elaborate our understanding of sadness so much, that it seems like we are sad. Nice poem to emphasize your joy.

  3. Thank you everyone for the awesome comments. because of some of the comments lately I felt I needed to post this. Thanks again I just wish I started this blog sooner. It brings a great deal of satisfaction.

  4. Smiling…it is because of your excellent writing capability that we hang on to your every word and assume you are what you write. Happens to all of us sometimes.

    This is a very thought-provoking piece. I can also relate to the opening lines.

    Very nicely done and thanks for sharing.

  5. Ah….well, regardless of the unhappiness in your poems, they manage to move me like no happy poem does. I think I too am one of those who is “strong enough to leave a grayish hue” and those grayish hues are darn good muses as I know.

  6. Beautiful poem eloquently and elegantly written. A slight warning from one who knows, to be true to one’s self is often a dangerous thing socially, often people don’t like to see the whole true you. But that said, if you can stand the effects, it is an admirable and amazing goal to strive for.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  7. I understand completly as I myself write about depressing things more often than not, one reason I do it is because its the emotions in general people are told not to feel or respect, which well its just not good for the soul. Understanding and feeling as though someone else has felt those feelings helps them come to terms with inner insecurities. Happiness is what we make it, and a leason some never learn. Glad you have and have a good one for even scars will heal in time.

  8. Some days are dark some days are bright
    some things go wrong while somethings right
    there are always shades of grey and gloom
    jus keep smiling and let urself bloom πŸ˜€

  9. Your explanation rings home–I’m sure for others as well, as it often seems easier and more necessary to write the painful pieces than the ones that make our happiness clear. Thanks for sharing this one for the rally!

  10. ‘And darken the bright colors

    Of the foreground figures

    In the picture of my life

    But strong enough to leave

    A grayish hue on the background’ – beautifully written. I can relate, and you put such a serious subject into words so wonderfully.

  11. I love this. I write unhappy poetry sometimes…well, a lot of times. But, in reality I am a very optimistic and happy person, at peace with myself. Still, there has to be an outlet for those darker emotions. This way, they don’t fester inside us and become greater than what they were meant to be.
    Well done.

  12. I appreciate your sentiments. Just because something appears a certain way, should not define the entirety of that thing/being. You sound balanced and grounded. That is healthy I believe. Exploration and self discovery through examination and questioning is something that everyone should do, something that we should never stop doing. Thank you for sharing this piece. I relate.

  13. Grey hues make us look closer at the colors of our lives. I like your poem. It’s very thought provoking.

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