Poem-Rinsed off by Truth

I can’t believe it

After all the things

You said

All I have to give

And you choose him instead

Turned your back on me

And walked away

I’m hiding in the shadows

Feeling so betrayed

Carrying the weight

From all the lies you’ve told

Rinsed off by truth

I stand exposed 

Feeling powerless

Like my life is through

Each day is more hollow

I’m just existing without you

I try to carry on

But really what’s the point

I ache for you

All through the night

Begging for the dawn 

Don’t you even care

What happens to me

after all the times that we shared

I still can’t believe                                                 

You have gone

And thrown it all away      

Can I make it another day

With you gone


18 responses to “Poem-Rinsed off by Truth

  1. ack, this one hurts.

    hey, swan rose? i just wanted to let you know that i’ve added black swan poetry to the blogroll over at Poets United. i didn’t have an email address for you but wanted to let you know it’s done! welcome!

  2. the way we longmouth words bears fruit from all our held breath

    bare trees
    sometimes sentinel
    Brighid’s crawl
    through Winter
    all four corners turning
    burning kept midnights
    as if long dormant seeds
    were our needs planted
    where our sorrows
    had furrowed and rowed
    the soil that thirsts
    for the tears of more
    all the unquenchable mouths
    waiting in line
    for Persephone
    and the last leaf to fall

    ****great imagery, the cathartic cold shower albeit an emotional one…sometimes the heart needing more lust can scrape the soul of rust…better to fall again in love in the dark with ourselves you see, than wander in bare limb wooded empty-handed iniquity…nameste****

  3. This is indeed a sad tale of love given and love lost.
    In time, the pain will dissipate and you will learn to love again.

    You captured the essence of betrayal beautifully.

    Nicely done.

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