Poem – I hear the sound

I hear the sound

As you slowly

Push down the keys

Ringing in my ears

The music that comes

From your misery

I can feel the pain

In the notes

That you play so hauntingly

To be heard

Your songs plead

Life has a way

Of writing these

They reach out

And touch me

As if I am

In this life

That I do not lead

To connect to us all

They strangely somehow succeed

We are left feeling every drop

That your fingers bleed

83 responses to “Poem – I hear the sound

  1. …smells good man, notes play with the synesthesiastical whimsy of a heavy heart finding out wings aren’t necessary to fly…well done…thanks for sharing…

  2. Unque blog theme and lovely poem. The use of music as metaphor for emtion is a true and powerful one and, though it is sued often, you have played it in so well it is not at all tright. Congratulations! I like it.

    • agreed( I am a bare tree fan I have discovered)…the poem reminded me of how the ekphrasis of our yearned communications may be the basis of our innermost rhythmic divinities…like the timbling tumbling feel of how this poet’s words draped over an emotional image, wrapping sounds found where his memory meets his pictured frame, his windowed pane, we the readers are let in as if daylight stretching across a living room floor…nameste

  3. Everyone has a connection with everyone else, its just sometimes hard to find do to ideal differences. I love your poem for looking past that. The meataphors you use are truly grand and well stated. This was a great rally post and I look forward to the next rally post 😀

  4. Let me see what I like in this poem: it’s musical, like it says, and it talks about being sensitive to others’ suffering, like you are. People living the lives of others just because they care. “As if I am/In this life/That I do not lead”

  5. ah, yes! Being able to express yourself so passionately, be it though song, poetry, or any of the creative arts I suppose, is such a gift not only to ourselves, but also to the world. When we can “feel” each other’s emotion, we are truly in-tune with humanity.

  6. Yes indeed! Have you watched a pianist? The telescope of their fingers…how they FEEL. You can see it. No facial expression is necessary. Ebony and Ivory need a third harmony. Blood. You got it right!

  7. Every song, every note played, every word has a way of making you feel the exact sentiments of its composer. This is beautiful.his very poem is an example as to how the composer’s thoughts and emotions are perfectly conveyed by the composition.We indeed are connected. Bless you.

  8. Hearing music one day and pain the next day, the same song, same musician, the same me, but not the same circumstances. Or the same musician changing the feeling tone. Connecting on several levels, letting the music into your heart and soul, owning it is awesome. This poem connects at that deep level.

  9. Music is indeed an exampled version of our life set and clearly is an answer to our impeding life. It’s a connection, your words tell the whole story, intentions clear as a crystal, nothing is missed, I am hearing it all.

  10. This is amazing. I totally identify with how music can affect us so deeply and personally. Thank you.

  11. Interesting poem. 🙂 Sometimes the other person doesn’t express hurt and pain in words, but you hear it and feel it in them in the things they do and the art through which they express.

  12. Love your neighbour as yourself
    A single sentence says it all
    For then we know another’s sadness
    For then we hurt when the other falls.

    When our souls can hear
    Those notes so clear
    When we can reach out
    And quell another’s fears

    When happiness
    Becomes a conscious choice
    Seeing another smile
    Makes us rejoice

    Then that is heaven
    On this earth
    And we needn’t wait to die

    Like bread that’s leavened
    Becomes our breath
    All light and winged to fly.

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  14. A very simple yet complex type of writing. There are just the right amount of words there to give the reader all that they need, instead of having it wordy with unnecessary descriptions. You have shown the reader the picture instead of telling them. Beautiful and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing!

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