Long ago we crossed

I as continued past

You are forever

In my back window

So very distant

But appearing so near

Only the best of

Your reflections show

So very clear

Making thoughts of

You enjoyable

The bad reflections smeared

But still there

They rush to the front

At the smallest scare  

Of a chance meeting

In the reality of the present

Some pictures are always

Best viewed in the rear

Much more dimensional

Then they now appear

In the back window

Alongside many past reflections

That I now hold dear

35 responses to “Poem-Smeared

  1. As usual excellent work. The past can be distant and near and the line about bad memories smeared yet still there, rush to the front is so true, thanks for sharing:)

  2. very beautifully expressed, some pictures are indeed best viewed in the rear, wonderful thought and observation.

  3. I like this very much. The idea that good times are remembered more vividly than the bad times but those bad times are not forgotten.

    You’re like saying to someone – “I’m glad we had what we had but don’t come back. I’ve had my fill.” – at least that’s what I’m getting from this piece. The flow is great as usual.

  4. Amazing!!!!!!!! Talent…. I never get used to the creativity our maker gave us to all use so many of the same words to speak our soul in all different colors…. Keep it up:)

  5. “Some pictures are always best viewed in the rear”
    What sanity and sensibility those words hold, my dear:-)
    It’s not about suppressing the past
    Or being scared of the shadows they cast
    It’s about sweeping away
    The dust and decay
    And holding on to sweet memories that last.
    Isn’t it?

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