Poem- One Breath

Emotions bursting

Like buds in the spring

You ask me now

What does all this mean

Dancing in circles

Feeling everything

All at once

It’s too much

Forcing you to scream

Looking at me

But seeing right through

Your arms outstretched

But I can’t seem to reach you

The sky it falls

And melts into the grass

Strangely beautiful and reassuring

But it is fading and does not last

Clouds rolling by

As fast as a train

You stand there looking up

Your eyes begin to flow

And smear across your face

Letting go of all the pain

Unable to help

I watch with sorrow

Just know I will return

And stand by you again tomorrow

And for all the tomorrows

You will ever see

To be witnessed in one breath

A candle that burns a flame

Just for you

I have kept

On the chance of your

Future happiness

I have not slept


44 responses to “Poem- One Breath

  1. Fabulous imagery in your words depicting emotional pain.

    “Your eyes begin to flow

    And smear across your face”

    Salvador Dali’s painting, “The Resistance To the Persistence of Memory” comes to mind.


  2. you hold a nice emotional line in this not tipping but riding that edge of love and devotion…i hold a candle and have not slept…yeah love will do that to you…thanks for popping in…we dont officially open until tuesday but our OpenLinkNight will kick off then at 3 pm….

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  4. “A candle that burns a flame”

    For some reason this line to me stands above all the rest though i also liked the line about the tomorrows and all the ones after. Over very emotional piece though seems like a roller coaster of writing if you don’t mind me saying. I do the same though so I understand. 😛 over all great piece and another thrilling ride.

    • thanks I know what you mean. I bascially go on a ride when I write. So it can be all over the place at times. I never know where it is going before it gets there.

  5. Ok…Figure while I’m at it might as well check it before my ADHD kicks in! One Breath- Love It.
    Your page- You freakin show off. Only if I had the patience…60 mgs of Adderall wasnt enough for me to try and figure this site out so I stuck to the easy one at blogger. But you got great taste my good man!
    Before I run off on a tangent…..Main Focus— ONE BREATH

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