Poem- Moving in the lights

She moves across the floor

All inhibitions are ignored

Been ready since before

She even hit the door

Another night

Moving in the lights

Distance growing

Between her and all the

Problems and the strife

All the baggage dropped off

That were obtained

Throughout her life

Oblivious to others

That definitely take notice of her

She is the Saturn

To these many rings

Dancing in the eye

Of her own storm

Which is ever expanding

From the air waves

Caused by the vivacious movement

Of her body’s form


39 responses to “Poem- Moving in the lights

  1. You have the captured the movements of a dancer in her purest form as well as the mixed emotions of admiration, love, sadness & longing.
    They are all there.
    What a lovely piece.

  2. to be able to lose yourself (and your cares and worries) in doing something you love is such a blessing. for her it is dance, for me it is writing. enjoyed this, thanks.

  3. nice. you really capture the flow of her danceand its affectson her surroundings…dancing in the eye of her own storm, nice turn of phrase there…

  4. Lives up to Yeats: “But who can tell the dancer from the dance?”
    Lovely imagery. I can see her and feel her gradual release. Especially like “dancing in the eye of her own storm. Very nice!
    Thank you for sharing.

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