As you guys know I don’t really use this blog as a traditional blog. I never post my own ramblings just poems.  But as the number of you guys continue to grow. I thought I should let you know how grateful I am that you here and reading. This blog is barely over 4 months old and far exceeded my short term expectations.

I want you to know that I read and appreciate all the comments. I started leaving comments to thank everyone at a time instead of replying to each one a while back. I hope that is ok. I just thought as I started getting a lot of comments it seemed a little tacky for me to do that. As if I was trying to increase them. Maybe that is over thinking it. Let me know if you guys disagree and I will go back to replying on a one on one basis.

Please feel free to let me know anything you think would make this a better place. More general blogs or whatever you think. If you would rather send me an email it is  Yes really…lol

Brief announcement I am getting some of my poems published in October.  You can see the cover and a brief write up of the art and writing collaboration Inspiration Speaks  here at

Have a great weekend and thanks again. I am just getting started as I am more motivated than ever!



8 responses to “Subscribers

  1. I personally try and thank those that left replies one at a time. If they took the time to say something I like to thank them.. I do know a few out there that do the multiple replies; I guess it’s a matter of personal time you can devote… Roll the dice… smiles.

  2. And as far as replies are concerned, I agree with booguloo, I think it is better to reply to individual comments as opposed to a mass reply. I prefer that. But if the comments are too many, I understand your position.

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