Poem – She Danced

She danced in the rain

The drops were

Mixed with shards of glass

As she fell a charm bracelet

Escaped her grasp

Laying on the street

Beside her but inches from her hand

A stream of water

With tints of red

That shows a slight shimmer

Against the colorless snapshot

Empty eyes open

But cannot see

As her right shoe sits

As if dangling

With only the top of her foot

Still inside

As the air of life

And death collide

Barely noticed by

The passers by

How can this be

A life not mourned

Or even just treated respectfully

Once just a glimmer

In an eye

Now a soon to be memory

Over which pain will be felt

Causing many a mourner to cry

Or at least one can hope

One can hope



46 responses to “Poem – She Danced

    • Thank you Anthony I am glad you enjoyed it. I was not sure I should post this because of the subject matter. I am glad people are looking at it from the writing aspect.

  1. Hi there. Shoe dangling from the top of her feet? Nice observation! Sometimes its quite fun to do so, but yeah, sad poem. People have already said enough so anything that I’d say would be a repetition.

    Cheers to good poetry!

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