Poem – Abuse

I can’t believe after all of this

That you still let him win

The abuse forced upon you

Should be insurmountable sin

You can’t help but stare

At the ambivalence

As it drips from his grin

His kiss is soft

As he pulls you in

A favorite toy

You’re left outside

Lying in the dirt

But somehow when

He shows that he cares

For you on some level

It always seems to work

You’re not ushered to his table

But here you come

The door is left wide open

Why why don’t you run

When so much of what you give

Is not returned

His face the freshest

In this bastardly line

Growing disturbingly longer

And longer yet over time

If your strength gathers

And blows you through

Those gates that seem impossibly far

Will you heal enough

To live your life on a different path

No longer controlled by

All of your scars


(Thanks for reading)

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53 responses to “Poem – Abuse

  1. My youngest sister is/was one of those women. I helped her as much as I could but, she would always go back to him. She told me she didn’t think she’d be able to make it by her self with her children, alone.
    It was a case of better the devil you know rather than taking that huge step into the unknown. 26 years later he is still doing the same thing, now she’s set on divorcing him. So this great piece of writing hit home.

  2. Damn powerful..I like the way you have played with words..and as always pain and grief has been the ingredient in your write ups and never to forget that a light of hope still flickers by if you can only touch it.

  3. A very powerful verse… and the way the pain you bring out from the frustration is evocative….
    I loved the lines…

    “Will you heal enough

    To live your life on a different path

    No longer controlled by

    All of your scars”

    Thanks for sharing… look forward to seeing you again …

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At twitter @VerseEveryDay

  4. Wow, is this powerful! stuff. I have sadly seen a family member go through abuse. Thankfully, she is out of the marriage now and living a wonderful full life. This abuser is now doing it to his new wife. The cycle won’t end unless they see they have a problem.

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