Poem- Devoid

I am running through

Holes that are

Ripped and torn

Through space

In your mind

You are following

As quickly as you can

For fear of being left behind

Every turn I take

You take too

My speed ever increasing

As if to escape you

You run with purpose

You can’t look down

As you scamper on this rope

One wrong step

Your fall never ending

Would be devoid of a landing

And construction of a ladder

With rungs of hope

Eyes fixed on my shoulders

And their every dip and juke

Am I the entity

That can deliver you

Or have you been duped

Was I created by your own hand

Are you following something

So stretched and distorted

From what I really am

Does this have

Anything to do with me at all

Stacked up against your needs

My diminutive stature

So sadly understated

When viewed by others as small


(Thanks for reading)

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58 responses to “Poem- Devoid

  1. Like the way you’ve painted the picture in with emotion and color, using specific words like “juked” and “diminuitive” to make your point.

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