Poem- Coming into focus

Coming into focus

My image appears

Caught in your cross hairs

Your deepest desire

Now seems so clear

Finger rubs the trigger

But you just stare

Savoring the sensation

Like the last glass of wine

As I remain unaware

Clueless to your

Obvious control

I move freely

Through the dimensional space

That you created

A slap in your face

Is my ignorance

Decisively hated




34 responses to “Poem- Coming into focus

  1. intriguing verse…intentions canbe hard to read when people are not explicit…soundslike you are getting the picture now…nice opening with the cross hairs…

  2. OK, time for a new relationship. This guy is obviously a control freak and a nut cake…. 🙂 Of course I’m joking, I know it’s a metaphor of a really sad relationship though, one that the subject feels trapped in maybe. That is the case all too often…. very sad… Which means, well done young poet!

  3. I want to see the dimensional space you slap through — your hand connecting my skin in visual slams. Open it up for me.

    Your Flickr photos are awesome and strange, btw.


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