Poem – Lost in a Dream?

Melting in front of me

I see your face

What is happening?

My heart starts to race

Take off running

Walls turn to trees

Falling behind me

Keeping up with

Every stride

Frantically looking for

A place to hide

Run off a cliff

Drop like a Stone

Land on my feet

No longer afraid

But all alone

Smoke on the ground

Fire in the Sky

Strangely I do not

Wonder why

I remember your face

And fear you have died

A path unfolds before me

Begging of me to follow

Crossing a river

That’s oh so shallow

Or am I walking on top

I want to look

But I can’t stop

Mesmerized by what’s ahead

What will I find?

A vision of my own birth

Or am I already dead

The earth erupts

Everlasting light engulfing me

It’s all too bright

Nothing I can see

But then it’s gone

As quickly as it came

I feel alright

But I doubt

I’ll ever be the same


(Thanks for reading)

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56 responses to “Poem – Lost in a Dream?

  1. Truly dreamlike state in this read, almost an embedded paradox in the lines that stirs you into a perfect moment of “whats real”….wonderfully penned my friend! ~ Rose

  2. Never get tired of reading this piece, stopped by to share this;

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your site always inspires me in poetry and I believe you deserve this recognition. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.


    Hope your well! ~ Rose

  3. Dreams can be so very strange…… I’ve had similar ones, so hard to describe but you did it so well……. I really liked this…. Each line took me deeper into it and the ending is so real, waking up and realizing that this was a unique, and in a way each one does change us a little.

  4. Interesting. Did you consider doing this in third person? Might be even more surreal if the character in the poem is not identified as “I” but as “he” or “she,” I have found by my own experiments. Or even more removed if the narrator says, “I watched him…” Booahhaha!

    For whatever it may be worth…

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