Poem-It Doesn’t Hurt Me

It doesn’t hurt me

No hint of a sting

Nothing catches

The mud that you sling

Your absence thrown at me

Like a cold gust of wind

Feels good as if it comes

During a hot summer day

As I walk in the sun

Your clouds have gone away

All the pain you mean to cause

Hovers over you

As you live in your thoughts of me

And how I must feel

You would never allow yourself

To believe the truth

Surely my unbridled happiness

Can’t be real

Weights having been lifted

I am fleet of foot

With each step after your departure

I became more upright

Full of energy

And feeling light

As if paper carried by the breeze

How could this be

That I have let you go

With such ease

And more than that

I am better now

Than before

I feel enriched

Versus when we were together

And our lives

Were always in the shade

Of your choosing

So very poor


(Thanks for reading)

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48 responses to “Poem-It Doesn’t Hurt Me

    • thank you and Thank you so much for your subscription. I will try to keep you entertained with poetry. Pease feel free to browse the post that are up as there almost 40. I am putting up a new one every thursday right now. Enjoy and thanks again.

  1. It was soul stirring and lovely. we need to search our lives and weed them out who bring us sorrow on a frequent basis when we can find peace without them :/

  2. Not all relationships are meant to last, or are healthy. I like this heads-up sort of approach to a split-up, and these lines especially grabbed me:

    Nothing catches
    The mud that you sling

    Great attitude.

  3. I like the comparisons here–the cold wind of absence feeling good, as you walk in the sun the pain and trouble hovering over the one who conceives it–enjoyed it much.

  4. “Were always in the shade

    Of your choosing

    So very poor”

    fantastic closing series, feels of a position of making the pain worth something greater. ~ Rose

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