Poem- I can’t find you

I can’t find you

Even when you’re near

The silence echoes

Deafening my ears

That you have checked out

Is so abundantly clear

I mourn the death of us

And the feeling

I held so dear

Left day dreaming of

Of our former life

As I sit by your side

No destination for this train

Now just along for the ride

The grief from this death

We both try to hide

Like a bird

Who once had wings

Now fallen from the sky

My pools of misery

Have long been dry

So long on this trip

So hardened on the inside

Destiny once proclaimed we would last

Who would have thought

It would be so cruel

As to lie


(Thanks for reading)

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63 responses to “Poem- I can’t find you

  1. Hello.
    “I can’t find you

    Even when you’re near”…the image of this says it all.
    It’s sad when relationships break down after you’ve put all your hopes & dreams into it.
    Time heals all, or at least dims the pain of the heart.

    Excellent entry for Poetry Picnic theme.

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. Much appreciated.

    The Beauty Of Love

  2. Some of the imagery, “train with no destination, silence deafening the ear, death grief” , intense and reflection of a profound sorrow. Lovely but sad it is.

  3. lost love…where did it go…and why?
    I love the line ‘No destination for this train.’
    an empty relationship doomed to continue…and Love Lied!!
    Strong feeling poem over a dead relationship.
    very well written, and rolls along well with rhythm & rhyme.
    thank you for posting.

  4. The death before the separation…it is such a difficult part of relationship. You carry the felt sense of it wonderfully here! Hope you are well my friend ~ Rose

  5. The death of a relationship CAN be as difficult as the death of a person, and you capture that extremely well. I’m particularly moved by the idea of destiny lying…

    Also, I think I’ve said this before, but I LOVE the layout of your site, and the stark tree images. 🙂

  6. Love fades away, and that is a natural part of life too. It happens, and that puts it squarely into the realm of poetry where you did an absolute bang up job with it. I’ve often said that the only greater inspiration I find as a poet than love is losing it……. beautiful poem and vision of emotion…..

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