Poem-utterly lifeless

Staring at this screen
Images fade and stretch backwards
Tunnel taking shape and sucking me in
Lost in this forward sight
Focused on this field so pure
The grass is actually greener on the other side
Different colors from flowers catch my eye
As does the sky full of cotton passing by
Old abandoned road in need of repair
Appears as if from no where
I long to walk
But still only these keys
Are actually in front of me
Overcome with the need
To feel lost but yet free
Reality melts away
Walls turn to air
Breeze full of scents
As I breathe deep
So sweet they
As if gifts for my senses
A rush tugs at my hair
On the Nape of my neck
Euphoria grows as if this was real
Maybe if I could concentrate
With all the energy my entire being can create
I could stay in this world of my choosing
And not be yet again
Pulled back into the one in which I find myself
That which if not utterly lifeless is so incredibly sedate

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45 responses to “Poem-utterly lifeless

  1. Thank you for subscribing. In reading this, I feel as though you were/are in a place much like where I was for several years. A world where my fantasy kept me going forward, looking for something. I felt as though it was me again…well done.

  2. we dance that line between fantasy and reality having to choose which in which we live…some days that choice is harder than others…really well writ….and full of emotion…

  3. Ah…the cusp. we all know it so well and at times stray too close to the edge of pure fantasy or reality. Neither of which are good for us. We all need a bit of both. You capture the dilemma well and the draw of fantasy. Still, a choice it is.

  4. Escape…so often we come to the screen, hoping to find it. Tragically, the real world always draws one back, proving such things only temporary. Melancholic, this, but well struck.

  5. Some really profound bites discovered within this dark and telling work. Well penned, Swan! This will take a read or two to really warrant proper commenting, but it was truly enjoyed!

  6. If only we could live in the world that we dream. Prisoner of our own realities…this is beautifully written poem!

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