Poem- I stand before you

I stand before you

A door wide open

A sheet of glass that gleams

From the many years of effort

It took to be cleaned

Stepping forward

As the curtains fall away

Air rushing forward

Shirt flowing in the breeze

The moment overwhelming

I fall to my knees

Yours for the judging

I ask for gentleness please

The days of hiding

Are over for me

Your eyes widen

In an effort to try to capture

All that you can possibly see

I bow my head

For forgiveness for all

Of my cracks humbly

Yet this very act

This exact moment

Creates the feeling

There is no one left

To appease

Bringing the realization

That the only one

There ever was

Was me

(Thank you for reading)

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58 responses to “Poem- I stand before you

  1. I’m afraid everyone else has already said it. Beautiful, you have one of many truths. Thankyou for sharing and reminding us. rest gently please.

  2. In case you have not already seen my post on Facebook, I want you to know that is the most powerful, provocative and well written piece that I have read of your’s. You are clearly on a path to realizing the scope of your talent. Bravo!

  3. It’s an amazing feeling when we realise this truth. So often we give up our power to others who are maybe not worthy or, abuse it.
    All power to the person in this that took it back.
    Very nice piece.

  4. wow this got goosebumps all over me. I somehow felt and expected the ending of your poem, maybe because i felt a certain connection with your writing, i could feel myself kneel, and be in your shoes and could almost see the curtains fall as the breeze of air swept through my hair. As if it’s the last time i’d ever see the sun rise or set again.

    I’m not sure if you intended it but i loved the fact that you left spaces between each lines, made me feel hollow and alone. Gave an eerie kind of environment not to mention your website color just adds to the intensity that your writing gave me.

    Giving up hope is a curse, finding hope is a huger curse, especially after being abandoned or betrayed.

    I enjoyed this, keep writing.

  5. Ive found you again Black Swan. Very honest, sexy and elegant. Many will identify with your words. I would love to see a book of this stuff – the relationship ones! Keep up the Good write!!!

      • Well there seems to be a lot of consistency in your poems about relationship. There is an expectancy , immediacy and freshness. I think a snall book combining these together would be great. An american blogpoet I recently been in touch with brought a very fine little book called Mimesis out through Lulu. It reached me the day after ordering it. Look forward to hearing more. Where are you based?

      • Yes I am discovering great American poets by means of Blog and Tweetosphere. Have you discovered Brian Looney Reclusewritings Very controlled powerful stuff. Quite different of course to either of us!

  6. Reblogged this on johndwmacdonald and commented:
    I’ve found Black Swan again through Twitter! This is a poem. Very honest, sexy and elegant. Many will identify with these words. I would love to see a book of this stuff – the relationship ones! Keep up the Good Write Black Swan!!!

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