Poem – After all these years

After all these years

You can’t believe

I’m not dead

After all the things

You’ve seen me

Make it through

You wash your ears

Of everything I’ve said

Nicely done

Rid yourself of the words

That will play over and over

Again in your head

Eventually winning over

Your better judgment

And convince you

I’m the one

Never a future

For me or us

The waste of my life

Leaves a bitter taste

And the smell of disgust

You lie tormented

With the image of me

And who you think I am

But how can you know

Something I do not

After all these years

(Thanks for reading)

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15 responses to “Poem – After all these years

  1. Really tormenting imagery in this, the ache of the love at the end. The flow is, as usual, natural and in this quite melodic. Enjoyed this piece ~ Rose

  2. “After all these years
    You can’t believe
    I’m not dead…” great intro tempting the reader to follow the whole story…powerfully expressed bitterness and obvious disappointment pierced with pain. Brilliant.

  3. This poem expresses the dark place where I suspect many a person has been at one point or another in their life. Well done!

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