Poem – Mask

I handed you

Everything I wanted

You to see

Only the fullest fruit

Picked fresh

From the sunniest

Part of the tree

Hiding all that

Was left dying

On the vine

Turning first to black

And then back to ash

Long ago forgotten

And left behind

What’s not to love

From my handpicked selection

Carefully chosen

And placed over your shoulders

A beautiful Shawl

Painstakingly woven

Only the light was shown

The lengthy tunnel

With the seemingly

Never ending journey

Remains unknown

The window picked

With an obstructed view

Props marching by

Always on the job

The loyal crew

Will there be a day

When the fog will lift

Dry ice not replenished

My mask will slip

(Thanks for reading)

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44 responses to “Poem – Mask

  1. Oh, this aches! How often we struggle with wanting to hide fruit and only share with others the best. Yet so often, it is that which is imperfect that speaks, that connects. This is a theme I have been exploring around too, so your poem reached into my heart and sounded deep notes. Beautifully crafted, elegant and wistful in its sadness and reality. I’m glad you didn’t leave this one rotting on the vine.

  2. this is really well done…sharp and to the point..think if we are with someone in love and can only show our good sides..our hand picked fruit side to not disappoint him, this is really hard…and sooner or later the mask will fall because we have no strength to keep this up for long…

  3. there is a very tragic feel to this-but it’s so humane. reminds me of o henry’s the last leaf. Eerily, this also has a very king lear-ish vibe to it. very nice poem-just the way it should be-profound yet simple

  4. The comparison to the fruited tree such wonderful imagery for this, flow and pace perfectly set, as usual with your words. Eventually every mask gets to heavy to hold up and we have to let go, letting our halves walk side by side instead of forcing one to hide in step. Lovely write my brother, hope you journey well. ~ Rose

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