Poem – I Remain

I sit here

And think of you

Looking down

And stirring my coffee slow

How long I have actually

Been sitting here

I really don’t know

The other patrons

Of this shop

Come and go

My eyes are open

But it is as if

I were asleep

As a vivid movie plays

And flickers seemingly

Layered on top of reality

There you are

In the smallest of moments

That now shines so large

As it plays repeatedly

I the audience

Hanging on to every word

The simplest of sentences

Now ring like the sweetest

I have ever heard

My surroundings move and change

Much like my life

As I remain

Living on after you have passed

Is not living

As I once thought of it

As the ache turns to being numb

The numbing slowly turns to an ache

Hard to distinguish the feeling of pain

When there is nothing left

But I remain

I remain….


(Thanks for reading)

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9 responses to “Poem – I Remain

  1. nice blackswan, a bit sad – but that is how it is …
    Sorry for taking your subscription off Little Polka blog – I ceased trading and cancelled this particular blog. I am still contributing poetry to the other one which is under my name.

    All the best to you! el

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