Poem – Accidently crossed

As quickly as our eyes

Accidently crossed

I look away

I gather my stuff

And stand to leave

I cannot stay

To avoid any chance

Of having you speak

The mere thought of it

Makes me feel nauseous and weak

Would it be just a couple

Of hi’s left lying on the table

If I knew for sure

Of this I would be able

But anything more

Would be risking too much

Sparks could lead

To a fire

Deathly afraid of your touch

Or of anyone’s

After having traveled the road

On which I have come

You watch as I quickly

Brush pass

Soon to be forgotten

Am I and the momentary connection

A blurred vision cannot last

Disaster is averted


(Thanks for reading)

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23 responses to “Poem – Accidently crossed

  1. Flow is set so well, as usual with you, the hesitation of repeating the past…it touches in your expression. Hope you are well sweet brother, my best ~ Rose

  2. The fear of a connection is haunting. I’ve built walls in the past and tried to love less but now I realize that being vulnerable is what life is all about. Your poem is beautiful and well written.

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