Poem – Slept

Have I slept for all these years

Have I spoke

But couldn’t hear

Did I dream the life I lead

Or is it possible I can’t conceive

That part of me has been lost

And if so at what cost

Idealistic boy grows into a man

Does the fruit of subconscious thought

Continue to grow

Or just rot

The answers to life’s questions

Is what I once sought

Disillusioned by the reality’s I can’t escape

Can I wake up

Before it is too late

And try to become the person

I always wanted to be

Something so far removed

From the now that is me

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36 responses to “Poem – Slept

  1. i like this poem, i particularly like the lines

    Does the fruit of subconscious thought

    Continue to grow

    Or just rot

  2. Great poem! Love your work, and NICE feature of Placebo on your playlist. That’s one of my favorites. Usually remakes are terrible – but Placebo did it elegantly!

  3. Between the incredible prose and the song your playing, this is a moving journey. I think many of us ponder how we got to where we are. Somehow dreams from our past don’t always come to fruition.

  4. I like this. I always like to read words out loud when I can and this flows well. I would have changed the line ‘That part of me has been lost’ to ‘That part of me is lost’ and ‘man’ instead of ‘a man’ but that’s just because I do like rhythm and for me that flows better but it’s great regardless. Good work.

      • That’s fine. I tend towards holding back that little bit and letting things settle and then seeing what can be worked on. I will be writing about this very point next week 🙂

  5. +++ for “Slept”– Your style is all yours as it draws your reader in to reflect & relate.
    Thank you for reading & liking my poem “Flying High”, really appreciated…

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