Poem – How can you lose someone

What do we need to

Mend this divide

To act as a seal

To these two independent lives

Subconscious whispers

Of what we think we deserve

Sentences only half heard

Driving us crazy

A taunting puzzle

It’s utterly absurd

We are constantly talking

Yet never saying a word

How can you lose someone

Right in front of you

Physical proximity

Can ring so hollow

Together in our loneness

We unwillingly wallow

Actors in our own silent movie

Overly dramatic gestures

Trying to compensate

For the inadequacies

As those continue to fester

Living breathing décor

For which nothing was paid

But which came with the highest price


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20 responses to “Poem – How can you lose someone

  1. some really powerful lines in there man…esp like…

    Trying to compensate

    For the inadequacies

    As those continue to fester

    curious though which of reenas pics you played off of for the #Poetics prompt @ Dverse?

  2. The rhythm and rhymes make this sound really good when spoken. Powerful moment recounted with hurt and sorrow. When two fall apart, it’s hard to see when or how it will get back together. All the pieces glued back. As you show, the hardest part is often just seeing what the pieces are and where.

  3. i’m happy you found me so i could find your poetry too. You have a lot to offer to the Universe through your heart…poetry is a heart’s song :]

    Blessings ~

  4. oh, i forgot to mention i enjoy your playlist. Placebo and the synthpop electro masters musicians VNV nation and Covenant are bands that i really enjoy 😉

  5. I Loved the whole poem, but especially the title: How can you lose someone. As, I wrote poetry (& read their) to someone from my past, for a few months, fell madly in LOVE, w/ them & I too, …lost them …still waiting…still searching…still hoping…

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