Poem- Powerless

I am watching as my glass

Tips over and melts

Onto the table

Hands on the clock spinning

A translucent blur

As time ceases to exist


The roof lifts and breaks away

Escaping this place

Floor falls suddenly unattached

Appearing smaller until

It gone from my sight

Now left staring  at my feet


Somehow hovering over

What now appears to be a darkened sky

Holding arms out from my sides

I slowly and softly rotate

Eyes closed tight

Air feels good upon my face


Styrofoam snow falls around me

Your view pulls back

Revealing the case

In which I am both

Protected and entrapped


And it is now being shaken

Simply for your amusement

My world completely and utterly out of my control

You smile as you relish in it

Looking down at your hand


The one in which my reality you hold

The enjoyment is fleeting

And so you put it back into your pocket

And callously walk away










30 responses to “Poem- Powerless

  1. always,always a good read here…as a bartender of a few decades the imagery in this one allows me the lens of your poetic vision from the bottom of a glass wondering in the waiting to be filled again…thank you for sharing your words with the world…Edward

  2. what i like most here is the switching from one scene to the other…and telling a story as if with shifting from one image to the next…tough on feeling powerless..could feel this..

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