Poem – When I think of you

When I think of you

Ice forms inside

Cracks and falls endlessly

But perhaps that inadequately describes

I am more than 60 percent water

But remain somehow unable to cry


Walking talking and breathing

As if as if I

Were actually living

Entrapped in a eternal goodbye

I yearn for the reunion

That never comes

The sensitive child in me

Turns and runs


Sitting here I am no where

Moments hang stretch and smear

Across the day

No sense of time

Colorless images cross before my eyes

I see nothing as if blind

A sentence never ending

From unforgivable crimes


Thanks for reading

(Written while listening to Sia- Breath Me) Thanks Sia!

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48 responses to “Poem – When I think of you


  2. I think the word for this is laconic or languid perhaps. Anyway it has an atmosphere all of its own and have posted on FB Page John DW Macdonald Best wishes Johndwmacdonald.com Warrior Poet!

  3. rich with feeling man…particularly the last stanza…that puts the perfect end touch on this for me….because that is exactly what it feels like to me…the water part was a great touch as well…and the waiting child turning…nice…

  4. WOW.

    This poem has so many good elements…l can’t quote them all …

    This is a wonderful poem. I am humbled to read it …

    It spoke to where I was recently too. Great job!

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