Poem – She bangs on the door

With all the desperation and power

Of a young woman trapped in a love gone bad

She bangs on the door

Such energy when released into the universe

Attempts to reach whatever it can and destroy

He feels the vibration coming through the floor


Sitting on the couch

All sound from the world around him blocked

By the music in his ears

The Sound so thick

It is as he is adrift in it

But still the message received by his feet

Is all too clear


Ignoring the pleas that go unheard

But that are easily felt

His stare intensifies at nothing at all

A hole hollow and numb

Sits frozen over with no signs

Of it starting to melt



As the pain on the other side

Of the door becomes too much to bare

She crumbles and falls

Sobbing echoes and flows

Falling on deaf ears

As she curls up in a ball

Alone in her now destroyed dream

Of the life she thought they would have

And so very alone lying in this hall








28 responses to “Poem – She bangs on the door

  1. Sometimes we have to get to the curled-up ball stage to want better for ourselves, almost a cocoon cathartic place. Then….. we let go of what we do not need, and soar.

    Good write, swanrose.

  2. Black swan this is truely very true… in fact it happens all the time every moment and has happened to me as to you or those we have caused to feel so…it is excruciatingly poignant… if I did not believe in a God of Love I would assume a world of Satrean melevolence.. and yet the very picture is so full of life and meaning and reassurance. It is just perfect because it is so painful it leaves pain behind and gains a small still space of peace… Ok I’ve had a few wines but its true anyway!! Cheers- a fellow endurer – and fellow believer that to live is better than to hide in painless conformity – vitually but not absolutely..whatever the risk!

  3. Hey 🙂
    FW>>>>From asoulwalker:

    I was thinking about getting a group of poets together and having someone pick a topic for all of us to write a poem about. I would then post all the poems on this blog. I think it might be interesting. Now if you are a writer but have not written much poetry (or any) this does not mean that you should not consider it. If anyone is interested leave a comment below.


  4. Reminds me of so many passionate lovers’ quarrels. And makes me wonder why we all just can’t get along, what with all this passion banging on the door and running through fields of intensity . . .

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