Poem-The shortest of moments

The shortest of moments

Are what life has to offer

These capture what we live for

Tied up in a bow


Or is it a knot

That we have to untangle

To reveal the treasures

That we seek


Memories like short videos

Become the highlight reel

For our lives

To be watched countless times

When there are no knots

To be found


Which then in some way

Becomes its own

With limitless power

To forever comfort and entertain


Living to create these

And the ability to see them

For what they are

Is what we all should strive for


29 responses to “Poem-The shortest of moments

  1. Very nice, interesting concept. I think it’s the bow untied that reveals the treasures. We all have the freedom of our ideologies. U R U & I am I.

  2. Oh man, this is great….definitely a *carpe diem* type of write…I need this reminder almost daily!

    These were my fave lines:

    “These capture what we live for

    Tied up in a bow

    Or is it a knot

    That we have to untangle

    To reveal the treasures

    That we seek”

  3. The time when they flash by your eyes you know how precious they are πŸ™‚
    A very nice poem..I am reading something different from you for the first time.
    P.S.-Have been missing lately.I created a blog in wordpress as well hope to write here also.
    Afixxion Addixt

  4. I loved this! My life is full of children, my own and those of my sisters and brothers and lots of grandchildren. I’ve found that I’m truly happy with whatever time we might share together. Sometimes, just for the heck of it I take tons of pictures of them, just to have and treasure. I write down the day, date and what was going on when I took that picture, but during some of my most precious moments, I didn’t have to take any pictures. They were moments when my son kissed my cheeks, just because he felt like it; my great nephew telling me he loved me and I was beautiful because the sun was shining on my hair. There are moments that I will cherish forever and they were short and sweet. Some were just kisses on the cheeks, others hugs, and yet others were just being told, “I’ll love you forever.”
    Very well written and enjoyable. Be blessed.


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