Poem- In this Life

In this life that’s so hard

I try to capture an image of you

To keep it in a jar

And carry with me

No matter where I go

Or how far


It glows with the light

Of a thousand fire flies

I hold it out in front of me

Swinging it like a lantern

To lead me through the night


To be cradled next to me

As I sleep

A comforting sensation

Washes over me

As I squeeze it tight


And dream of a day

When we are together again

And all decisions made

This time will be right

Until that day

I bask in the glow

Of all I remember of you

And the promises it then brings



7 responses to “Poem- In this Life

  1. A beautifully written poem about missing and thinking of a loved one, soulmate, or sweetheart. I really loved the way you described having your memories of them in a jar, and how you hold it closely to yourself for comfort. You used some awesome descriptive and heart-felt words within your poem. A true masterpiece indeed. I am also very proud of you my friend for being featured in Tuck magazine, and I am really pleased for you. Best Wishes Paul

  2. To capture that goodness and bottle it. To catch that butterfly in a jar. To let both go because you appreciate the uniqueness of every moment, and you learn to treasure each one more!

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