Poem – Hi I am lost again

Hi I am lost again

I know this fatigues you

My closest and oldest friend

Having to read this head line

Forever on my front page

That I sometimes try to dress up

As something better than the constant Black and grey

Unfortunately the best I can do

Are very weak shades of sage


Out of a sense of duty

You begin to causally flip through

Not an eyebrow is raised at the sight

Of the carbon copies as they flash by

Scanning quickly for anything different

To catch your eye

As it comes to a close

You place it at my feet

Not saying a word

But your face reeks

Of signs of retreat


With your back to me

All of your emotions file out

Of our conversation

Like fans from a stadium

When defeat is all but certain

Effectively turning out the lights

And closing the curtains



24 responses to “Poem – Hi I am lost again

  1. Your pictures on the right of this page, as mentioned before, are absolutely enthralling. Each & every one is like your writing, show-stopping, including
    “Hi– I am lost again”…

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