Poem – Formed inside breath

Formed inside breath

With varying degrees of thought

Left behind long after death

Far exceeding intention

Blows like the breeze

Through blades of grass

Each blade hit bends backward

And effects another

Until an entire field has been rustled

Which takes back its shape

After it has been passed

But can never be exactly the same

Some carry seeds

Spreading in a random array

Blowing them over some blades

And falling amongst others

Power to give birth to both wondrous colors

And the darkness of weeds

Creating its own strange random pattern

Disrupting what had been there waiting to greet

The next one waiting to breathe

As this cycle carries on over time

A forest grows dense

Created by many

Even if only fully

Witnessed by a few

Initials not carved

Lie sewn inside the bark


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20 responses to “Poem – Formed inside breath

  1. The opening tercet of thought captured me…perfectly executed piece. An expression of the natural re-cycle, great write my brother. Send love and peace! ~ Rose

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