Poem – She bangs on the door

With all the desperation and power

Of a young woman trapped in a love gone bad

She bangs on the door

Such energy when released into the universe

Attempts to reach whatever it can and destroy

He feels the vibration coming through the floor


Sitting on the couch

All sound from the world around him blocked

By the music in his ears

The Sound so thick

It is as he is adrift in it

But still the message received by his feet

Is all too clear

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Poem- Words from your heart

Words from your heart

Escape your lips

Hang momentarily in the air

Then are forced back by the headwind

Blown through your hair


A few appear to get caught

As they hold on for dear life

Eventually losing their grip

And bouncing quickly across the ground

As if chasing their friends


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Poem – Mask

I handed you

Everything I wanted

You to see

Only the fullest fruit

Picked fresh

From the sunniest

Part of the tree

Hiding all that

Was left dying

On the vine

Turning first to black

And then back to ash

Long ago forgotten

And left behind

What’s not to love

From my handpicked selection

Carefully chosen

And placed over your shoulders

A beautiful Shawl

Painstakingly woven

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