I am not

An old school plagiarist

Stealing all that I write

From this life

Obvious to those

Cursed with sight

Funny how I still

Know nothing despite


The writings on the wall

And the many scribbles

In the stalls

Bumping into other thieves

Busy at their theft

Rolling up their sleeves

All of us trying to take a bow

For something we were presented

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Poem – Formed inside breath

Formed inside breath

With varying degrees of thought

Left behind long after death

Far exceeding intention

Blows like the breeze

Through blades of grass

Each blade hit bends backward

And effects another

Until an entire field has been rustled

Which takes back its shape

After it has been passed

But can never be exactly the same

Some carry seeds

Spreading in a random array

Blowing them over some blades

And falling amongst others

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Poem- Remnants

The transcending scent of you

Lingers in my psyche

Like ashes floating in the air

Created by the uncontainable brush fire

Sweeping through my everything


Sparked by your every word

And even just the mere existence of you

I hold on to my very sanity

As you disappear

But I remain here

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Poem – Anger


Rising off the backs

Of moments passed

Inflating the present

Beyond its own capabilities

Blinded to that fact

It zero’s in on its fresh target

With unbridled determination

Overstating the importance and value

Of the pedestal it has chosen

To perch itself upon

Long after this battle is done

And it has stepped down

To hide its face

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