Poem – What is Hidden

What is hidden

What do I seek

What are the words

I dare not speak

Lurking in the shadows

These thoughts they creep

To fully explore them

They beg but still not a peep

Refusing to acknowledge they exist

Feels like the best way

To deal with this

But it’s a decision

That is not really ever made

As the question rises

With each freshly born day

The chains draped

Clanging as I walk as if a slave

Each one released drops to the ground

But then from which springs two more

Working their way around

My body as if serpents

Collecting their pray

Strange that I the owner have no say

In how they position themselves

And on what parts of me they choose to drag

Causing a path behind me

That turns into a trench

Getting deeper and deeper as I pace

Creating in its own twisted way

A new exit from this place










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