Poem – Smashing Windows

You look over

But I am not there

As the sound of your voice

Goes no where


The scene

Appearing perfectly normal

From the outside

Looking in

The true story so hidden

I don’t know where to begin


Your mouth is moving

With intent

But it seems so slow

Your voice escaping me

Your face somehow

I barely know

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Poem The Walk

I always walk this way

Eyes soaking up

Every single once of grey

Surrounded by people

But everyone

Ignores me

I remember the days

Full of friends

When everyone adored me

Some how it all went wrong

Now even in this crowd

I stand in isolation

Forever reaching out

But not too far

For fear someone

Might finally see me

And I will be exposed

For everything that I am

Including the things

I pretend not to be

The sun dances on me

Like a warm hand

Trying to comfort

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