Poem- Remnants

The transcending scent of you

Lingers in my psyche

Like ashes floating in the air

Created by the uncontainable brush fire

Sweeping through my everything


Sparked by your every word

And even just the mere existence of you

I hold on to my very sanity

As you disappear

But I remain here


Loving every ounce of the weight

You leave on my back

As I carry on

A barreling train barely staying on the tracks

Appearing to the casual observer

As if a lake ever so placid


Inside of these walls

I pace around this smoke filled room

No fire alarm to be pulled

No sprinklers to douse the flames

In the ashes on the floor

I continually trace your name


Over and over as it becomes filled

With remnants of my former self

Falling from the ceiling

That you set ablaze

It is becoming harder and harder

To see through this haze


Walking in these trenches

That has formed a maze

Will I be lost in my delusion

Of what I think we had

For the rest of my days




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12 responses to “Poem- Remnants

  1. Nicely done with the fire and ash metaphor. When the wildfire of love burns itself out, there is nothing left but ashes. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog!

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