Poem Circle


How could you disappoint me

After all I’ve done for you

You said like what

And I slammed the door

Now you want another chance

I said how many times

Must we do this

You said just one more

You want to dance

In this circle

And decide when to hold my hand

You want to dance

In this circle

But I need more than that to be a man   

I know deep down

You will not change for me

Knowing this

How can I let this carry on

Part time happiness

Is not enough

You say it will be different

Even though I know that’s a lie

I want to call your bluff

You’re pulling on me

I’m pulling on you

It shouldn’t be this hard

This is not the way

I want to live

Something has got to give

I know I need to pull the trigger

But my life without you

Is so hard to figure


4 responses to “Poem Circle

    • Thank you. I am trying to have everything work together to create an overall vibe. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back and read more. Thanks again

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