Poem- In case of emergency

How could I be so dumb

Never listened to anyone

Not a drop of knowledge

From my rag was wrung

One mistake becomes two

My screen being fuzzy

Set my path askew

I couldn’t see

That I was surrounded

By so many clues

Forever bouncing

From wall to wall

Spectators stand and clap

Watching me as I fall

A hand reaches out

I try to grasp

But it pulls back

Withdrawing into the darkness

Much too fast

Oh God where is my

In case of emergency

Break  this glass


30 responses to “Poem- In case of emergency

  1. Beautiful, I know what that feels like. , But you did it better than I have so far. Please friend me on facebook, I find it easier to post there, as I don’t have the net at home right now. It will be under lynda cress. please. Rest Gently Please.

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